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Poster: peter_byte Date: Apr 12, 2013 10:10am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: please remove Noodnix

woah, dude you have some serious issues. Instead of worrying about the KID BEING ABUSED, youre off on some other tangent. I sure do hope that those poor folks in your church who were abused dont come to you for help or advice.

EVERYONE should immediately report anything like this to the authorities even if the page was taken down (what guarantee is there that the website contacted the authorities, most just delete and go on with their business like nothing happened) ONLY the authorities have the means to persue this and hopefully catch the bastards.

I used to think you were just a nut Mr Cranky but now im convinced you are a sick individual with very twisted priorities and from the looks of it a little over paranoid. I felt sick to my stomach from reading this thread and not just for the subject matter the op flagged.

To anyone else reading this (if they made it this far, thanks cranky..) please report everything like this the moment you see it. what good does it do if the website removes it?????